=R|T|B= Server Rules

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=R|T|B= Server Rules

Post by CriMiNaL on Sun Jul 05, 2015 12:37 am

Every player who enjoys spending some gaming time on the =R|T|B= Countdown server, must comply to the following rules:
1.No cheating, keep the server clean. Want a “perfect” score? Then this is not the server you want to play on.
2.No spamming. Once is enough. Use the game’s console to read something that you weren’t able to see. Same goes for voice commands; you can use them and not abuse them.
3.No advertising. Neither servers, nor websites.
4.No door blocking, play a fair game.
5.No glitching, sharking, roof walking.
6.Keep the teams balanced, so the game is not decided before the round is started.
7.Try to avoid type killing as much as possible. It’s not an achievement to kill someone who’s typing.
8.Camping is allowed, with or without the radio. It’s in your hand to force a camper not to camp at the same spot.
9.Rifle&Sniper only


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